The Good News This Week…May 23

In a world where those who claim to be the light of the world bring darkness, here’s some happy stuff to put in your brain:

Sharing a Moment:

Nature of a Servant Good News

My youngest gave a presentation as one of her final projects. She wanted to serve cider – so it could be more like a “banquet”. She earned teacher’s pet points.

Sharing Stories:

Why I Breastfed a Stranger’s Baby: I thought I’d be grossed out, but I wasn’t. Not at all.

5 year-old Feeds Man at Waffle House: I think Jesus commanded we are to be like little children.

Detroit Lions Fan Proposes: Sometimes Edd shoots me heartwarming stories he finds. Who would have thought one would be from ESPN?

Giraffe Birth: My friend works at San Diego Safari Park and commented on this post by Susan Woolley. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. I will also never complain about childbirth again.

The Tattoo God Designed for Me: I love tattoo stories. My friend, Leanne, has one that blows my little Mickey Mouse out of the water.

Sharing a Video:

Here’s another one Edd passed over. It really touched him. I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t have a smart phone 20 years ago. I may not be married today.

I hope something here lifted your heart a bit today! 

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