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Andee Zomerman KATU
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If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know my kids are involved in Christian theater. What you may not know is Journey Theater Arts Group has four locations = four shows to produce each Fall, Winter, and Spring. Instead of highlighting my own kids’ show*, I’d like like to tell you a story about the happenings across town.

JTAG Portland performs Gilbert and Sullivan’s, Pirates of Penzance the next two weekends in Oregon City. As our family well knows, the week before opening night is enough to drive any parent mad. Moving in to the theater and late night dress rehearsals take it’s toll on even the most easy-going actor.

I can only imagine my friend and show director, Kristin Van Sickle’s, despair when she arrived to a vandalized stage Monday evening. Earlier that day, 2 random kids snuck into Oregon City High School and blasted fire extinguishers to the sets, sprayed soda on the stage, and stole costumes and candy from concessions.

The full show was not rehearsed on Monday, but the kids and parents pulled together to clean up and reorganize. After all, the show must go on.

In and of itself, the company working together to remedy a needless delay is pretty impressive. But what stands out to me are the parent comments after the incident:

“What others intend for evil, God can turn to good. We are over-comers!”

“My heart wishes [they] could attend the show in hopes the Lord would touch them. We’d be willing to pay for the tickets if there was a way to invite them.”

“Kudos for the parents who taught their children the importance of helping and working together! And to JTAG leaders who encourage and appreciate it!”

Seriously? These weren’t the thoughts I had when first finding out what happened. I’m glad we are part of a theater family with such forgiving hearts.

Our local KATU news covered the story.  I’m proud of these kids. They were already motivated to put out a good show. With all they’ve experienced together, I’m willing to bet “good” will instead become “excellent”.

Nature of a Servant GATT

*Oh who am I kidding? Of course I want to plug the show in which my daughters are cast, Great American Tall Tales. Think – Night At the Museum meets Folk Tale Heroes; Davy Crocket, Pecos Bill, John Henry, Annie Oakley, Slue Foot Sue, and more! Tickets are on sale here and if you put “Zomerman” in the Did you Hear About This Show From A Student box, my kids will earn a chance to attend the exclusive Director’s event.  (Ok. Mom job done.)


  1. Paul Van Sickle says

    And it you go to Pirates of Penzance you can put “Emery” in the student box 🙂

    Thanks Andee!

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