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JTAG Great American Tall Tales

Some title, huh?

My kids are deep in musical theater for Spring, this time performing “Great American Tall Tales”*. The story resembles the premise of the film, “Night at the Museum”. In this case, school children sneak into a museum at night and end up meeting American Folk Heroes. The outdated Tall Tales exhibit is in danger and kids need to learn the folk stories to keep the heroes “alive”.

Usually, I’m blown away by the acting in these children’s productions. This time, the moral of each story stands out as well.

The positive lesson winding throughout is the encouragement to stand up for yourself, for the underdog, and for doing the right thing. In this story, women are just as brave as men (if not more so) and all have hearts to persevere.

JTAG Great American Tall Tales

One of the tales, in particular, has special meaning to me. It’s the story of Johnny Appleseed, the missionary who set up to fight hunger by planting seeds. The lyrics of his song I’ll hold with me forever. Such as:

Now I may be a simple man, but one thing I can see quite clearly is we ain’t that much different, you and me. Once you dig beneath the layers, and once you see behind the veil, and as soon as prejudice dies, you’ll see mankind with different eyes. ~ Johnny Appleseed

The show continues for one more weekend, June 12-14. Buy tickets here and introduce your kids to the likes of Davy Crockett, Paul Bunyon, Annie Oakley, Pecos Bill, and more.

See you at the show!

JTAG Great American Tall Tales

*Written by Adam and Courtney Walsh, Additional tracks by Kristi Foster

*Photo credit Journey Theater Arts Group

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