The Good News This Week…June 13

Sharing some good I found this week.

Sharing a Moment:

Andee Zomerman Last Day of School

Last day of school pics. I’ve never seen them happier to get on the bus. I now have a sophomore and an 8th grader. Some parents are sad to see their kids grow up. I’m loving it!

Sharing Stories:

Sarah Thebarge talks female leadership in the church: I agree with it all.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow: Even if you don’t live in Portland, I bet you’ll love this creative look at the city.

Just Breathe: I’ve paid therapists a lot of money to teach me what these kids just said.

#DistractinglySexy Tweets: Those silly girl scientists. What are they thinking?

Converting Strip Club to Church: In case you were wondering what to do with that building.

Sharing a TED talk:

I am honored to host Joseph Kim, author of Under the Same Sky~From Starvation in North Korea to Salvation in America, on the Rose City Forum Monday. His story is heartbreaking and necessary to share. Watch the talk, then listen to the show on June 15th.

Hope something here uplifted your day!

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