The Good News This Week…June 6

I skipped the good news post last week…not because there wasn’t any, but because Edd and I were able to spend the day with TEDxPortland. What a fantastic experience. If TEDx comes to your town, I highly recommend attending. It was life changing.

The news that got me down this week wasn’t bad news – rather it was the reaction people were having toward any news. Sigh. What a week. Caitlyn Jenner – I’m looking at you!

Sharing a Moment:

I will never forget this day.

TEDxPortland Andee Zomerman


Sharing Stories:

Lion King/Aladdin Sing Off: Can you imagine being stuck in the airport with these folks? Talk about a bonus!

Toddler Throws Tantrum At White House: Is this the cutest? Although, I’d probably be mortified if she were mind. Look at her little sister just watching her. So awesome.

Teen Protests Anti-Gay Protests: Although if THIS was my daughter, I’d be so proud!

Razor Sharp Focus With Zen Habits: I share this with you, but mostly I need the reminder for me.

Anti-Islam Protester Observes Prayer Service: Sometimes, when you get to know a group as humans, the hate goes away.

Sharing a Video:

If you say you are not a feminist, then you don’t respect me or my daughters. This video is a pretty good reason why believing in it won’t take away a male’s view of masculinity.

Have a great week. Here’s hoping to more compassion than hate in our main stream media.

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