SC 02: Randy Matheny, Angry Barista

Randy Matheny, Angry Barista

When I interviewed my friend, Randy Matheny, for Rose City Forum, I asked if I could take the interview for the Stumptown Christian podcast as well. This award winning barista* has a passion for ethically produced and purchased coffee – and I can think of no other commodity more Portlanders are passionate about more.

We spoke outside of Lionheart Coffee Company in Beaverton. Since the interview, this has quickly become my favorite place to visit with friends. I love what they serve and I love how they give back to the community.

Lionheart Coffee Co, Andee Zomerman

You don’t need to be an Oregonian to find coffee created with high principles. Listen to Randy – the Angry Barista – and learn about the beverage we all adore.

*Yes, there are barista competitions. Who knew? Follow Randy’s FB page Northwest Coffee Experience.

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