SC 03 Liz Von Ehrenkrook: 31 Confessions

Liz Von Ehrenkrook has a lot to say about religion. And ministry. And church.

But not in October.

Stump town Christian, Liz Von Ehrenkrook

Last month, Liz let others do the confessing. For 31 days, Liz posted anonymous stories from Christians who may sit in the seats next to you each Sunday during worship. We all look good on the outside, don’t we? But on the inside, we struggle with what others would really think of us if they knew:

…we struggle with porn

…we don’t want to have kids

…we’re pro-choice

…we don’t think Christianity is the end all/be all.

Listen to Liz share her thoughts about the confessions – which surprised her and which touched close to her heart. Then log on to her website and read them, but follow the advice she gives at the end of the podcast.

Liz’s ebook, Breaking Religion, can be found here.

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