SC 04: Live Again, Eric Snyder

Stumptown Christian: Live Again, Give!Guide

You matter.

If you don’t take anything else away from this post or podcast, I don’t care.

You matter.

Eric Snyder is the founder of non-profit, Live Again: suicide prevention through community care. Eric believes cultivating stronger communities will bring down our suicide rates. He will come to your workplace, school, church, or dinner party to explain which signs to watch for and how to help a person contemplating ending his or her life too soon.

Donate to Live Again in this year’s Give Guide. Then, contact Live Again to schedule a training with those you love and care about.

*This post in memory of my cousin, Nate. I’ll never believe he’s really gone and I’ll always want to take the pain from his mother and sister. 

Stumptown Christian: Nathaniel

Pic credit: Angela Radesic

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