SC 12 Water 1st International with Molly Briscoe

Water 1st Stumptown Christian

What do you think about water?

Do you think about water?

What’s in your mind as you stand under the shower for 20 minutes, or you let the water run until the temperature is just right, or when you forgo the tap for a $3.99 bottle of H2O?

If you’re like me – you probably don’t give it a second thought.

Until, that is, you hear someone like Molly Briscoe of Water 1st International talk about communities without clean water. Households where women and children travel 3 miles one way to the nearest source, carrying five pounds of water back to where they live, using the same liquid that carries dirt and disease for cooking, cleaning, and drinking.

Then you think about water. A lot.

Listen to Molly and ponder how you can help provide clean water to all. It’s pretty simple. We just have to do it.

More information can be found on the Water 1st website and Facebook page.

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