SC 13 Can You Be Colorblind? A Conversation with Cliff and Diana Chappell and Matt O’Donel About White Privilege and Racism


Black. White. Brown. Do you see the color of people’s skin? Or are you “colorblind”?

If you answered “colorblind”, I’m willing to bet you are Caucasian.

There’s a whole world of racism out there. To deny it is to bury your head in the sand. If we truly want racism to be ancient history, it’s time to acknowledge it still exists.

Pastor Cliff and Diana Chappell share how racism has been present throughout their lives. Matt O’Donel shares why, as of seven months ago, he sees racism in a whole new light. Listen to their stories and then click the following links to read more about their passions.

Pastor Cliff blogs at Culture’s Voice and is founder of Man Up Ministries.

Matt O’Donel shares his #JusticeInJanuary posts here.

Teach your kids true history. Share your findings on social media. There are stories people of white privilege don’t know. We need to know the past so we don’t repeat it. Or, as the case may be, continue in it.


  1. Allen says

    I question whether we will ever be able to truly see “colorblind.” In my naive youth, I had a romanticized view of color. As I’ve gotten older, reality has set in. I’ve seen the things humans are capable of doing and saying to one another. Unfortunately, racism is deeply embedded in us as Europeans. When it started and why, I do not know. What will it take to change it, I also do not know . I am somewhat pessimistic of the possibility of a truly colorblind society.

    • Andee says

      I think you’re right – at least in our lifetime. And maybe we shouldn’t try to be colorblind. To do so would be to disrespect what each culture has endured. Maybe we need to accept and love each other for who we are instead of letting fear preside.

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