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Brain Injury Awareness Month

I reached out to Amy last year after reading her Huffington Post article 5 Things Every TBI Survivor Wants You To Understand.   I didn’t know the acronym for Traumatic Brain Injury, but I knew the symptoms about which she wrote.

As a stroke survivor, my disability is labeled an acquired brain injury and not a TBI, though I feel a kinship with those who experience these same symptoms.

March is Brain Injury Awareness month. Amy is fundraising to be in Washington DC on March 16, the day Congress will host speakers on Capitol Hill. Listen to Amy tell her story, and support her efforts.

You can follow Amy on her website,, and buy her book, Life with A Traumatic Brain Injury.

My hope is that you will learn a bit about TBI and carry on in compassion knowing people all around us suffer with something – even if it’s not easy to see.


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    We are Raising Awareness of traumatic brain injury. Wear this t shirt, hoodie and sweater to show your TBI awareness With Helping The Pediatric Brain Injury Charity Fund.

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