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Chris Guillebeau Born For This Stumptown Christian

Chris Guillebeau is an adventurer.

The blogger of The Art of Non-Conformity has written books inspiring people all over the world. I mean this literally. Chris has been to every country in the world and hosts World Domination Summit right here in Portland, OR every year.

His book, The $100 Start Up, encourages people to follow their passions and learn how to incorporate their loves into what they do for a living.

Happiness of Pursuit motivated me in a way no other self-help book has done. I related to the joy in the quest and used his techniques to derive motivating life goals.

His latest work will be out on April 5. Born For This helps readers find the work they were born to do. Seeing as both my husband and I are not employed at this moment, interviewing Chris about this subject proves to be good timing. His book tour kicks off on the book release date. Find out if he’ll be in your town here.

Listen to Chris talk about what he has done to make his life count. We only get one of these life things, you know. What will you do with yours?


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