SC 23 Kathleen Peters: Straight Up Real Mamas

Straight Up Real Mamas Kathleen Peters Andee Zomerman

Kathleen Peters is the real deal. For real. Really.

When Kathleen realized her Facebook feed solely showed shiny, happy people she stepped forward and said a big “UH-UH. That’s not real.” She created the social media group Straight Up Real Mamas just four weeks ago and already membership is exploding.

I published a blog post on being real.  Reading posts on Straight Up Real Mamas inspires me to show myself more often. Listen to Kathleen motivate and then check out the community she began.

I’ll most likely meet you there.

Links for today’s show:

*Side Note: When Kathleen told me about the Proverbs 31 article I hadn’t seen it yet. Now that I have, I see it’s the genius of Rachel Held Evans. Because of course it is. 

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