SC 25 Peter Walker: Downside Up

Downside Up Stumptown Christian

Peter Walker wrote a book.

A picture book.

About Jesus.

For grownups. (Stacey Chomiak illustrated)

Sound intriguing? It is. Sound convicting? Maybe not, but it is.

The book, written in Seuss style rhyme, is Downside Up: A Gospel Story, Re-Dreamed. Peter digs into the real meaning of the Gospels and in a way we have no excuses not to understand, tells us about the love of Jesus.


Downside Up Stumptown Christian

It’s genius. I wish I’d thought of it. I didn’t, but Peter did and did so brilliantly. He also pulled in Stacey Chomiak for the illustrations. Oh, what I would do for some of these pictures on my wall.

Follow Peter’s blog. Follow Peter’s website. And buy this book; for yourself, for your neighbors, for your pastor. And let’s start living the life Jesus asked us to live.

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