SC 26 Bethany Tran – The Root Collective

Ethical shopping is a passion of mine. Shoes are a passion, as well. Who new the two would marry together so beautifully?

Bethany Tran founded The Root Collective, footwear that is not only super cute, but also creates jobs for so many faced with gang life and extreme poverty.

Listen to Bethany tell her story. Peruse the website and see photos of the difference ethical shopping can make. Click on the “shop” link and get yourself a pair (or two).

And never,

never ever,

buy “discount” shoes again.

Because if you didn’t pay the price, someone else did. Do we want to be responsible for that “cost”?

I hope your answer is “no”.

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Smokin' Millie Smoking Flats #OttoMadeMyShoes
Smokin’ Millie Smoking Flats #OttoMadeMyShoes


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