SC 30 Gender Bathrooms, Rape Culture, and Other Fun Topics

Rape Prevention

I’ve held off podcasting about the gender bathroom fiasco for a while thinking all had been said. However, since hearing about Brock Turner’s verdict of serving 6 months in county jail after raping a woman because anything longer may “damage his future” – I figured it was time to put my two cents in the mix.

I’ll keep the writing short. Listen to the podcast and let me know your opinions. Rape culture exists in our country. Just like racism and anything other subject some Christians are denying.

Get your head out of the sand. Listen to my podcast and read the following links to educate yourself.

And to Brock Turner’s victim: Thank you, dear one. Thank you for being brave. Thank you for letting women have a voice. Thank you for the 12 pages you must have been tortured to write…you are strong.

Links from the show and more:

In case you’re confused:



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