SC 31 The Convergence Lectionary Part 1: A Conversation with Dr. Eric Elnes, Rev. Floyd Tompkins, and Dr. Jim McDonald

Stump town Christian Convergence Lectionary

Justice. Peace. Love.

The lessons of Jesus lead to these three things. The ways of our world? Not so much.

I sat down with Dr. Jim McDonald, President of San Francisco Theological Seminary, Rev. Floyd Thompkins, Director of the Center for Innovation in Ministry, and Dr. Eric Elnes, author and leader of Convergence Christianity and Senior Minister at Omaha’s Countryside Community Church. Our conversation starts with the need for conversation among our communities in order to pursue justice, peace, love AND friendship.

Listen to the first half of our conversation this week. Comment below with additional thoughts about the state of our world and the state of our churches. Next week, tune in to hear details about the Convergence Lectionary and hear how you can be a part of this innovative change in the church.

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