SC 35 Stumptown Christian’s Biased Opinions on the RNC and DNC

rncdnc stumptown christian

I know. You haven’t heard enough politics lately. You want more.

I give you: my opinions on the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention.

You were waiting for this, right?

I’m biased. I’m left of center. Some may say “far” left, but those are the folks who don’t know me very well. I wanted to release a podcast last week after the RNC but I just couldn’t. I was too depressed.

But this week? This week I’m feeling hopeful! Energized! United! Did the Democrats play on my emotions? Sure! But so did the Republicans and I’ll take hope over fear any day.

Here’s my synopsis. I love discussion but I do not love hate. Comment below or find me on Facebook. Let’s discuss.

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