Ep 09 Heather King: Holy Desperation – Praying As If Your Life Depends On It

Holy Desperation

Heather King owes her well-being to prayer. After hitting the rock-hard bottom, she changed her life around – though not immediately.

She became a Catholic and adopted the discipline of prayer. She writes about her practice in Holy Desperation. We chatted about:

  • what prayer means
  • the different types of prayer
  • why prayer is for us – not God
  • how prayer leads to using “no” as a complete answer
  • the one thing I can do to fully be aware of my spiritual mastery (not sure that will be happening any time soon…at least not in this presidential term)

Heather speaks to those who don’t know a lot about God – and maybe don’t even believe. She’s real, down to earth, and has a love you can feel through the airwaves. Check it out!

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