Saving My Voice

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In 2012, I wanted to make a difference in the world.

As I found myself through serving others, I wrote my observations on the internet. My blog, Nature of a Servant, was born.

Writing led to hosting a radio show, which turned into taking the conversations to podcast. I have been fortunate to interview folks who are changing the world in their own ways; through helping others, through writing, through music, through speaking, through art. I’ve been honored to promote the products into which creatives have poured their souls.

Life has changed significantly for my family and me in the last year. My husband, Edd, started a business. I went back to where I started – working for an elementary school – this time in the library. I’m renewing my teaching certificate and going to Portland State for my Library/Media Endorsement. Our two daughters are now a high school sophomore and a senior. This will be our last year with both of them at home.

After a heart to heart with my family, I’ve decided to extend Pieces of Faith’s summer hiatus. Return date: TBD.

I still want to make a difference in the world. Right now, this will mean teaching 750 Kindergarten-5th graders compassion, independence, diversity and acceptance through literature. It will mean focusing on my immediate family and our last 365 continuous days under one roof. It will mean lots of hours in prayer, mediation, and yoga before the daily news gives me a heart attack.

My public Facebook page will still be active. I’ll read life-changing books, listen to inspiring music, and become energized by motivating speakers. All of this I still plan on promoting by shouting from the mountaintops!**  While my literal voice stays quiet, my figurative voice will still be heard.

Over the last two years, your support as you’ve listened and responded to my conversations has been invaluable. I’m thankful for who I’ve become because of you.

Be well, do good, and stay faithful.



**Tweeting, Blogging, Facebooking, and Instagraming

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