June Reflections

On Monday, my neighbor asked if our family would like to volunteer with her family at Northwest Children’s Outreach. I had a previous commitment, but my two daughters begged to go. After months of wondering if my quest to find the nature of a servant was having any serious impact on the girls, I silently rejoiced at their willingness to serve without me.
It being summer, and my girls having a former teacher for a mother, I thought it only fitting to give the girls a writing assignment. Can’t have them slacking off on their academics just because the weather is warmer. The following are blog posts from each daughter about their experience at the clothing distribution non-profit.
From the 12 year old:

This week, my sister, neighbors, and I all went to Northwest Children’s Outreach and helped put together bags of stuff for kids. When you arrive, you get a tag and choose a boy or a girl. My friend and I were putting together a bag for a one year old boy. He was a really big size for a one year old, size 2T! But we figured it was because he could grow into it. 
Some things we put in the bags were toys, books, shirts, swim suits, shoes, etc. When my friend and I were looking for pants we found these size 2T pants that look like my dad’s work pants. 
But don’t worry if you don’t like putting together bags. You can sort books and sort wipes for foster homes. My favorite part of helping was picking out the clothing items. All the clothes were so tiny and cute! We picked out for him this hat that has a car and says “Beep”. 
I would recommend this to other kids because it was really fun and great to know that your helping another kid in need.
From the 10 year old:

Hi. I am the youngest member of the Nature of a Servant family. I just turned 10 and finally got some responsibility. My mom did not have time for this, but we (me & sis) did. Okay. Enough about me. It’s time for the story.
“Girls! Come down! Your ride is here to pick you up!” My mom yelled. 
I ran down the stairs to get my shoes on. I got my stuff and got in their car. We made a couple stops and finally we got there, Northwest Children’s Outreach. We took a trash bag with a tag on it. My neighbor and I had a 2 year old boy that was size 18 months. We put in shorts, shirts, bathing suits, etc. We packed toys and puzzles. I think he will love it. 
My favorite part was thinking how happy those kids will be. I definitely recommend it. Because it makes everyone happier to give than get.

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