“Saturday Lunches” by, My Kids – Week 30

Where we went:
Most Saturdays this summer my family volunteers with the Beaverton School District and St. Matthew Lutheran Church’s Faith Cafe serving bagged lunches to families in need. Our church sends a lot of people to serve at one location and we all love bringing our friends. I wrote about one of our experiences here in my Week 27 post.
The Job:
Because I already posted my account of the experience, I asked my daughters to answer some questions about how volunteering on these Saturdays has impacted them. One child was thrilled to write for the blog. The other viewed writing as a chore. I’ll let you figure out which is which.
The 12 year old account:
12 yr. old BFF and Daughter #1
What did you do when you serving lunches at the school?
When my family and friends went to serve lunches my friend and I gave out drinks. The most popular drink that everyone wanted was chocolate milk! 
My sister helped out with the games. We had baseball, beanbag toss, hula hoops, and so much more! The most popular game with the littler ones was the hula hoops and bubbles. There was one little girl that would bring a smile to everyone’s face when she played with the bean bags. When she would toss them her sister would go get it and then the little girl would laugh and laugh and through it again. 
The most popular game with the older kids was baseball and frisbee. 
When my friend and I took over with the sandwiches to turkey was gone in a flash. All that was left was a few hams. 
Did you like doing this activity? 
I love doing this activity because everyone who got sandwiches and played games went home with a smile on their face.
Would you tell other kids your age to do it?
I would tell other kids to do this because it is really fun to go give food to people who can’t afford it and then playing games with them feels like you’re at recess again. 
The 10 year old account:
10 yr. old BFF and Daughter #2

What did you do when you serving lunches at the school?
I entertained kids & served lunches.
Did you like doing this activity? 
Yes & no. Because it is boring on a super slow day, but on a fast day its better.
Would you tell other kids your age to do it?
Yes, because its helping people just like us. We’re all the same. Some people have money and some don’t have a lot, but we’re all the same.
How to Help:
Beaverton School District has listed serving hours and locations for the summer. If you are interested in Saturday serving, contact Faith Cafe at St. Matthew Lutheran Church or comment below and I’ll connect you with the right people.
ALWAYS fun to volunteer with friends!
I encourage readers outside of the Portland area to contact local school districts and volunteer with their summer programs – whether feeding the less fortunate or helping at summer school. 
The stereotype may dictate that all kids love summer vacation, but the truth is that for some kids, summer is a time of loneliness and eating cold cereal for lunch. See if you can make a difference in a child’s life while school is out of session.

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