I can’t write about my experience for Week 40.

This week I volunteered in my school library. Please read this post I wrote back in June, when I described my feelings about our district eliminating the Library Media Specialist positions in our schools.
I know I’m a little late in posting about my recent assignment. It’s not for lack of trying. I just can’t find the words of compassion I need to say what I’d really like to say.
I can’t write about my experience right now because every time I try, it turns into a political, angry rant about our school district’s budget crisis. 
I can’t write about my experience right now because when I began this experiment to serve every week in 2012, I wanted to share my adventures with sensitivity. I’m trying to calm my heart to get to that point.
I can’t write about my experience right now because my wish is to encourage others to volunteer, but I’m stuck feeling sorry for myself because I miss what once was.
I will write about my experience soon, so keep an eye out. I have a passion for the library and wholeheartedly believe in its importance in our schools. Putting my feelings for the district aside, our school libraries need help. The librarians may be gone, but the work is still there. If you live in the Beaverton School District, consider giving an hour a week help.
If you live anywhere else in the country, I will bet that the school library near you would love your help. Whether you are checking-in books, putting them on shelves, or helping a student find that one special novel that will spark his imagination – you can be a part of promoting literacy in our society.
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