Teaching the Easter Bunny to have the Nature of a Servant

Easter should be my favorite holiday. The religious significance of the celebration sings to my soul; I base my life around the belief in Jesus’ resurrection.

But there is one, little, stupid thing that gets in my way of enjoying my Spring Sunday to the fullest.

The Easter Bunny.

Since my eldest was a teeny tiny, the Easter Bunny (with strong encouragement from my spouse) thought it necessary to load a basket with candy. Chocolate eggs, Whopper eggs, jelly beans, M&Ms. If it could be found at Target, it would be in the kids’ basket.

In 2008, I had a talk with the Bunny. I made sure he only brought natural, organic products that year. The girls awoke Easter morning, scurrying to find hidden eggs only to open them and find a grayish, gummy substance supposedly blueberry flavored.

They both looked at me in shock. “Where are the M&Ms?” “Where are the Whopper eggs?”

There was no whining. Just a genuine concern that the Easter Bunny forgot important things. The laser glare my husband shot went straight to my heart. Stupid candy.

After church Edd needed to stop by Target for a quick errand. When we arrived home, I took the girls on a walk around the block. Returning through the front door, what did we see?

Well, lo and behold, the Easter Bunny had accidentally left a trail of chocolate eggs, jelly beans, and other random crap through the hallway to the guest room and he left the window open.

“Huh,” Edd pondered quizzically, “it looks like Easter Bunny was startled this morning and went out the guest room window! I wonder if he heard you and needed to make a quick get-a-way?”

The girls breathed a sigh of relief. Of course the Bunny didn’t forget the critical candy!

Meanwhile, I’m in the corner stewing over the slave labor that went into picking those cocoa beans and the amount of poison dye that is now making it’s way through my offsprings’ digestive system. Happy Easter, indeed.

This year, it is time to teach the Easter Bunny to have the nature of a servant!

With some careful planning, I mentioned to the Bunny that there are Fair Trade ways to give my kids a sugar rush. Websites like SERRV sell fair trade food items and handmade goods that benefit the low-income communities from which they originate. This year, Easter Bunny will bring chocolate that will make the kids happy and make Mom happy. (Dad may still be whining about the M&Ms)

Easter Bunny also thinks the girls will enjoy these hand-made headbands for their Spring wardrobes.

Trying to have the nature of a servant myself, I’m trying to make a conscious effort in how I shop lately. I’ve been pinning ideas on Pinterest, and would love to hear of more sites if you are aware of any.

*SERRV did not endorse this post. I’m just trying to help make a difference in the world. 


  1. Anonymous says

    If you are interested in buying local I suggest Powell's Books. They are a local, independent book seller. You could give books about Easter or that are Easter themed,about something the girls are interested in,or just fun for your teen and emerging teen girls. Concerned about recycling books? Great! They have books that are gently used,in great condition,for sale at all locations:)
    Hoppy Easter!

    ~The Book Lady

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