Motivation for Monday – Beauty in Tears, Music and Community

A tale about crying doesn’t seem like a motivator to get the week going. Tears cleanse my soul. After a good cry and 2 Advil, I’m ready to tackle what lies ahead.

I shed many tears last week; a few in joy, a gush in vulnerability, and a truckload in sadness. As I scrolled through my blog reader this weekend, I came across Ann Voskamp’s post in which she included the following video:

I cried again, this time a salty mix of joy, vulnerability, and sadness. There is beauty in one sole player, but it pales when compared with the congregation of gifts brought together.

Last week I watched as a woman asked for prayers for her dying son. The prayers of less than 500 have turned into the prayers of 7,678. (At this exact moment. It will grow.)

Who will you gather with this week to turn your own voice into a choir?

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    As it turns out, I believe I'll be joining my voice – quite literally – with 300 others in this year's Singing Christmas Tree! Attended a really fun kickoff meeting tonight; if all goes well at next week's audition, I will become a part of the group. Out of this day of sad news from Boston came the happy feeling of knowing I can join my voice with hundreds of others to celebrate the Christmas season – the sacred, the secular, and all things in between.

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    Laurie this brings me so much joy, there are no words. We will be there in the front row! (Well, not really, 'cause we can't afford the front row. But we'll be there!)

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