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It’s that time of season for our family once more. Show Week.

Last February, I told you all about Journey Theater Arts Group and their artistic ministry. The directors utilize these kids’ God-given gifts, from singing and acting to stage lighting and sound board managing. The result never fails to swell my heart and moisten my eyes.

Each year, much prayer goes before every production choice for the four Journey TAG areas (Vancouver, Vancouver-East, Portland, and Beaverton). One literary adaptation, one broadway production, and one educational musical represent selections for each group. Our Beaverton group put on Anne of Green Gables in the fall, Snoopy!!! in the winter, and next weekend our troupe performs The Legend of Pocahontas.

My girls have been dancing around the house and singing the soundtrack for 6 weeks. If I can share a review of the living room performances, I’d say the show will be pretty darn good. This version of the story starts with Pocahontas as a child and follows her entire life. The script is a tad more educational than the Disney movie version. Instead of a hummingbird and raccoon, the main character has human friends and SPOILER ALERT: the girl doesn’t marry John Smith.

If you are in the Portland area, come check out The Legend of Pocahontas at the Venetian Theater in Hillsboro, May 31-June 2. Buy your tickets online to assure a seat when you get there. Don’t forget to check out the other Journey TAG productions around the area. You will be amazed at what these drama-kids – passionate for God, their performances, and their audience – will teach you.

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