First Volunteer Gig of the Summer

Nature of a Servant Faith Cafe

I love volunteering with the family during the summer. Without the stress of school and extra-curriculars during the week, serving opportunities seem so relaxed.

Nature of a Servant Kids
Saturday we kicked off the season by serving lunches at a nearby elementary school. We gave out about 25 meals that day. The beginning of the summer can start out slow, but as word of free food gets around, the crowds will continue to grow.
Nature of a Servant lunches
Do you know someone in the Beaverton School District that could use a sandwich, veggie, and treat this summer? Click on this link for location information.
Nature of a Servant Saturdays
The school district provides funds for weekday lunches for kids up to 18 years old. On Saturdays, Faith Cafe chips in and adults bringing kids get a free meal, too. How awesome is that?
Nature of a servant lunches
Maybe you’d like to volunteer with this meal program with your kids. If you are looking for weekday hours, follow the link above for information. If you’d like to help out on a Saturday, comment below or send an email to: NatureOfAServant (at) Gmail (dot) com.
Everyone gets in on the action.
No age requirement necessary.
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