Summer Serving with Kids

Tomorrow is it. The day kids have been anxiously awaiting since Labor Day last September. For our school district, June 13 marks The Last Day of School. (Capital letters. The day deserves proper-noun status.)

How great is the first week of summer vacation? Sleeping in, no rushing, not worried about packing lunches or homework being turned in on time. And that’s just me! The kids can find their own ways to relax.

Inevitably, lull times will hit. My girls are pretty good about finding their own things to do, but I want to ensure we spend time volunteering and giving back in our community.

Nature of a Servant Summer lunches

Last year I wrote about my 5 favorite places to volunteer with kids in the Portland area. These organizations remain at the top of our family summer “to do” list.  

In the spring, I listed 10 ways to encourage compassion in our children. I’ll also be drawing upon these ideas to keep the girls busy. 

The summer volunteer activity I’m most looking forward to with the kids is our weekly commitment to serve sack-lunches at a local elementary school. The school district provides funds to feed kids that benefit from the free and reduced lunch program during the school year. For weekend lunches, St. Matthew Lutheran Church’s Faith Cafe prepares the lunches and delivers to the school site. (They also pay for additional costs, like adult lunches and games and toys for the kids.)

Our commitment for weekend lunch duty is simple: we show up, hand out food, and play games with the kids who come for meals. My girls love to set up the toys and then participate in the fun.

Nature of a Servant Faith Cafe

What will you do with your kids over summer break? Do you have favorite volunteer activities you do together?

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    LOVE this idea- and thanks also for the info on the weekday ideas-…thank you – so glad we connected again last week at MU after the FCWC in April! –

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