Meditating on Monday (and the rest of the week) : Resting More

Last week I relaxed in a way I haven’t since… since… since… oh, I have no idea. 

Edd and I took off to our favorite spot on the Oregon coast, The Sylvia Beach Hotel. Each room at the bed and breakfast pays homage to a different author, the decor reflecting the tastes of each. Our goal is to stay in each room. So far we’ve stayed in Lincoln Steffens, Mark Twain, Dr. Seuss, Tennessee Williams, Jane Austen, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Emily Dickinson, Ernest Hemingway, and now Shakespeare.

shakespeare sylvia beach hotel
If William S. lived here.

The stormy weather cooperated with my desire to cuddle by the fire, drink my spiced wine, and power through my novels. I made it through three. Not bad considering I snuck in a nap or two during the 48 hours we were away.

Spiced Wine sylvia beach hotel

The latter part of the week our family spent at church camp with 50+ more of our awesome friends. I’m not saying sleeping in a tent is my usual form of relaxation, but I do so enjoy these people. Hanging out with them by a lake is good for my soul.
Note: iPhone died soon into our first night camping. I have no personal photos. But, I swear, I was there. In nature. In a tent.

On the ride home from camping yesterday, I caught up on my blog reading. These words from my new friend, Cornelia Seigneur, touched home. 

Yes, electronics are a constant issue in our home with three boys. I had mumbled something to the twins about their excessive X-Box use or texting, asking them when they were going to turn it off and work around the house. But, then, one of the twins said to me: “Mom, can we just relax?” Oh, that hit home. I am grateful that I have a relationship with my kids where they can be honest with me about their feelings, in a respectful way, and this question, rhetorical as it was, was a wake up call for me. I started thinking about this in my life, that idea of relaxing. My kids being able to relax. At home.

I realize even after a Sabbath last week, I’m not ready to jump back into real life. This week I want to relax with my girls at home. 

The weather in northern Oregon is no longer stormy. Today we may hit 100 degrees. So I’m going to chill for a while longer this summer vacation. Volunteering at HomePlate is on the schedule, but the laundry and writing can wait until later. It’s time to ask the kids if they want some ice cream. And then I may take a nap.

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    LOVE this- and so glad my blog post featuring words from my kids on RELAXING! hit home for you! As moms, we want the best for our kids and sometimes that means relaxing with us. I'd rather they be relaxing with our blessing and in our presence rather than hiding in their rooms because we are bugging them to work! love our connections Andee!!

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