Motivation for Monday – What Makes You Happy?

Last week, I watched this Soul Pancake video about being happy.

I love how the definition of happiness changes through our ages. (Although I do agree with little one. Disneyland still makes me pretty happy.)

At age 43, I can say what really makes me happy are my kids. (They also frustrate the bananas out of me. I’ll save that post for a different time.) Not only do they bring me happiness out of love, but they make me laugh. A lot. 

My now 11 year old FINALLY gave me permission to share this video filmed when she was 5. Disclosure: On record, my husband did promise he would never share this. So I am. And really, it is with her permission. 

No matter my mood, memories like this one lift me up. I am happy.

What makes you happy? How has the definition of happiness changed as you grow older?

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