I Saw The Sign

Sometimes the world doesn’t make sense. Then I saw a sign…THE sign that sums it up for me.

Nature of a Servant Rock Paper Scissors
Sign from Primitives by Kathy

I’m taking some time off from my blog to figure out why, why, why paper beats rock. 

And also to process some big family decisions. 

And also to prepare for another volunteer venture in youth ministry.

And also to work on my book proposal. 

And also to veg with my husband and kids by a river in Central Oregon.

And also to figure out where, exactly, I should hang this perfect sign.

If you’re looking for ways to serve in the Portland area during August, consider getting a group together to serve dinner for the couch surfing kids at Homeplate. The organizations fundraising dinner, FarmPlate, is August 11. I’ve been looking forward to this event for the last year!

If you’d like to hand out sack lunches to at-risk children in Beaverton, sign up here.

Northwest Children’s Outreach is closed for a few weeks, but they’ll re-open mid-month and need plenty of help sorting through donated back to school wear.

Project Lemonade needs volunteers to assist foster kids with their back to school wardrobe, as well.

If you’ve just found this blog and wonder who the heck I am, I have a few posts I’d like to share with you:

The one which makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch.
The one with the dilemma I still don’t have the answer to.
The one where I share about my current role-model .
The one where I tell you my favorite read in the last year.
The one where I write a “Dear John” letter to my great love.

Though blogging will stay silent for a few weeks, the Facebooking and Instagraming will continue. We’re going on vacation and then continuing to serve around town. How can I not share photos?

I have an assignment for you while I’m away. Come up with another alternative for Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Happy Summer everyone! 


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