Still Serving

The blog hangs in the inter web space quietly, so unlike every fiber in my being. Home-schooling two is four times the work than home-schooling one. (Math was never my strong subject.) We have one more family issue/decision/choice on its way to being resolved, but in the meantime is challenging my body not to hit “shut down” mode.

Writing, while in the past my solace, becomes another chore to accomplish in my already full days. 

Through it all – my complaining, the decision making, the teaching my own children subjects I have a tough time understanding myself – serving others is still what saves me.

When I’m volunteering, all self centered thoughts are tabled and I’m focused on the task at hand; others’ needs. Plus, spending time with my crazy, serving, giving, heartfelt friends is good for my soul.

Then, I watch my children watching me and I realize they need to see more of this and less of me stressing about things out of my control. 

I’m sure I’ll stop spinning eventually. For now, the volunteering keeps me somewhat grounded. Kind of funny how that works, huh? Serving others really is self serving.

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