It’s Show Week! How Come I’m Not Stressed?

The girl makes a pretty good boy, huh?

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you’ll know my kids are deeply involved with Journey Theater Arts Group. Their fall production, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, starts next weekend which means this week is ALL DRAMA ALL THE TIME.

Today was theater move-in day; the day my stomach innards tie in a gigantic knot and stays that way until the end of closing show strike party. Only, this morning it hit me. I’m remarkably calm.

Why am I so zen? I haven’t even popped an anti-anxiety helper. I’m guessing it’s due to the following:
  1. For the first time, both kids are home-schooled. This means no more Grumpy Guses after late night dress rehearsals. If the kids want to sleep in, they can. Oh, the beauty of self-paced school work!
  2. Knowing this week is hectic, we cleared our schedule of routine activities. Instead of attending church this morning and rushing to move-in while trying to get hair and make-up in order – we just skipped church. (Lord, forgive us) We had the morning to double and triple check lists. I even had time to make two meals (Yes, TWO!) with leftovers for easy re-heatable dinners during the week.
  3. We know our family and friends will be in the audience supporting our young actors. (hint, hint)
  4. We have made good friends in the theater group. Carpooling saves parents from constant driving and kids who love being together every single minute get 30 minutes longer together in the selected SUV or minivan.
  5. Prayer. I’ve been in touch with God a lot lately. No one in our family handles anxiety all that well. I’m anticipating teenage outbursts and hoping I react in a loving manner.
  6. Have I mentioned the home-schooling???

Calm is a good place to be. Only I know others may not have the same feeling right now.  I think I’ll spend some extra time with the Big Guy asking Him to bring peace to us all.

What brings your calm, your peace, your zen?
Don’t forget – online ticket sales close Thursday evening. Follow this link to join the fun.

*Yes. I realize by posting this I am just asking for something to go totally wacky this week. I’m taking a risk, here.

**I hesitated posting this writing frivolity knowing Hell has hit the Philippines. First and foremost, my prayers are with those who lost loved ones and need to rebuild the physical and mental devastation. 

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