NaBloPo…What the Mo?

I’ve been reading about it for years and finally decided now, the month of November, is the time to commit to NaBloPoMo. For those of you not on the internet 22 hours a day, you may not have heard of this. The pseudo-acronym stands for National Blog Post Month. You can read all about it here, but the synopsis means for a month I will post on my blog every day.

Authors and wannabe authors know all about NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) where one promises herself to scribe 1,600 words a day hoping by the end of 30 days to complete the first draft of the next Great American Novel. 

But I am not writing the next fictional genius work of art. And I’ve never heard of NaNoFicWriMo (National Non-Fiction Writing Month). Heck – I need NaFinYoBoProMo (National Finish Your Book Proposal Month) – but I haven’t seen that on the inter-web either. 

Why do this now? It all started with plantar fasciitis. Excruciating foot pain leads me to this writing commitment. 

Hear me out.

In March, my right foot starting hurting. I thought it was due to walking on our hardwood floors so I starting wearing shoes in the house. I bought orthotic slippers. Who cares if my footwear labeled me a senior citizen? I needed relief. Only my home remedies didn’t help. Nor did any other advice on WebMD.

The kids make fun of my slippers, but Thorr loves them.
Mostly to eat.
3 weeks ago I went to a podiatrist. He confirmed my self diagnosed plantar fasciitis. (In case you’ve never heard of this – I can assure you – it’s not contagious as my mother-in-law believed. No need to wear socks in bed.) 

“What is causing this?” I cried out. “Take. It. AWAY.”

He laughed at me. Laughed! What’s so funny about foot pain? 

“Well,” still chuckling, “lots of things can cause it, but most often its change of an exercise routine or weight gain.”

“So, by change of exercise do you mean stopping all workouts for the last year and a half and gaining 10 pounds over the summer?”

“That may have something to do with it.”


Ok! I can fix this! I joined a yoga studio and re-entered the world of Downward Facing Dogs. After 2 weeks, I felt immensely better, but I knew the inches wouldn’t come off quickly in Eagle pose. I needed something more immediate.

I debated signing up for a boot camp. “Debated” because I know myself. I have no will power. 

“What if I pay all that money and only go 2 times?” I whined to Edd

“Remember last year when you took on a little experiment to volunteer in the community all year and blog about it? Remember when you said you’d never be able to finish your goal? What happened?”

Oh, yeah. 

So I made a new goal to try boot camp for 6 weeks and reassess. And you know what? After only attending 3 times, I kinda like it. I have little arm muscles you can feel when I flex. 6 weeks. I can do this.

Last week, an email from BlogHer arrived in my inbox kicking off the November NaBloPoMo. I dismissed it immediately. I could never write once a day! I have no willpower!

Oh, wait.

I visited the website, filled in my info, and clicked “submit” before I could second guess myself again. So there you have it. November is my month of new commitment; working my muscles at boot camp, stretching my ligaments at yoga, and expanding my writing skills on the blog. 

You’ll read some pretty random posts here, I’m sure. If one speaks to you directly, I’d love to hear about it. Leave me a comment on the blog so others can join in the conversation, too. Keep me accountable. If it’s dinner time and you don’t see a new entry, call me on it. I need to muster through even if I feel I have nothing left.

And if you see me limping a little less around the neighborhood, you’ll know my fitness determination hasn’t petered out yet, either.

Leave a comment now: Where do you have your willpower struggles?

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