Nothing Says, “Happy Birthday, Jesus” Like Sexy Lingerie

The time is here! The turkey is gone and we can officially celebrate what stores have been pushing us toward since September: Christmas Consumerism.

Last year, I thought I finally came across the true meaning of the season:

This year, I realized how wrong I was. Thankfully, Victoria’s Secret put me on the right path.

Seriously, how have I gotten through years of Christmases past WITHOUT SEXY HOLIDAY UNDERWEAR? I feel so cheated. Although, my Grinch knee-high socks are pretty amazing.

Victoria’s Secret knows what I need. The invitation was addressed specifically to me. No matter my 13 and 11 year old daughters taking turns to grab the mail. It’s time they learn what true holiday fashion is all about. 

It’s not just the lingerie stores pushing the festive undergarments. Kmart has it going on this year, too!

Thank you, Retail America, for getting me into the holiday spirit. For 43 years, I’d been searching for the true meaning of the season. I finally get the proper way to say “Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus.”

Unless of course, it was all just meant for this:

Post Script Edit: Momastery wrote a letter to Macy’s about the Victoria’s Secret Billboard shown during the parade. Read it here.

Post Post Script Edit: I removed the photo of the Victoria’s Secret mailer cover. I do lead a high school leadership team, and it is probably not in anyone’s best interest to have it permanently on my site.

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