The Two Best Internet Videos Our Kids Have Seen

Our kids don’t watch TV on weekdays. 

Ok – there have been exceptions – but house rules state weekdays are for school work, chores, crafting, and extra-curriculars. Weekends, however, are fair game. (If rooms are clean.)

You’d think because we’ve discontinued cable their choices of show viewing would be limited. This is far from true. 

Ahhh – the inter-webs and the ability to watch anything in the whole, wide world. What happened to life of Saturday morning cartoons intermixed with 5 minute Schoolhouse Rock education breaks.

Suffice it to say, there is some good stuff out there if you look hard enough. The following two videos provided some great discussion within our family. Watch yourself and tell me what you think.

Dear Logan’s Parents,
I have no problem with arranged marriages. I have 2 girls. Let’s talk.

“She,” I told my two daughters, “is a true role model.” 
The girls and I had a meaningful discussion about education and how much, especially being female, we take for granted. My next step is to buy her book and read it together as a family.

What viewing have you found online that makes for good family dialogue? Share in the comments below. 

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