Actors, Friends, Servants

They met performing together for Journey Theater Arts Group. They’ve become an extended family. And now these drama kids gather together to serve in their community.

Monday night, the gang corralled and met at Northwest Children’s Outreach for an evening of service. The kids packed bags of donated clothes for the less fortunate in our area. They sorted toddler essentials and teen items. With the $385 the troop raised, we hit Costco for diapers and cleared the Dollar Tree of all baby wipes in stock. 

Teens and Tweens being productive.

And having fun.

Approximately every 10 weeks I write a post boasting about JTAG. This term is no exception. Our daughters belong to a group who love each other maybe more than they love performing. How awesome that they share generous hearts as well.

Yes, they’re a shy bunch.
Want to see these kids doing what they do best? Tickets are on sale for Journey Theater Arts Group production of Cinderella, May 30-June 1. It’s not the Disney story you may be used to, but with a sassy Fairy Godmother, a Prince’s best friend to tell him what’s what, and a Step-Family uglier on the inside than on the outside, you’ll fall in love with the story all over again. 

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