Because I Love To Talk

Blog posting has been extremely sporadic lately. I have my reasons: 

*It’s summer and sun in Oregon makes me want to do nothing but be in the sun in Oregon.
*We’ve had company for a few weeks.
*I’m in a musical. I may have mentioned this once or forty times.
*I’m getting my speaking affairs in order.

If you’ve known me for more than five minutes, you know I love to talk. 

(Wow. Wouldn’t I be a better person if I had written, I love to listen? But I digress.)

A few months ago I jumped back to my ministry roots and preached a sermon. I never realized how much I missed interacting with a congregation. Reading Nadia Boltz-Weber’s Pastrix and Katherine Pershey’s Any Day A Beautiful Change: A Story of Faith and Family reminded me of the joy I used to have when researching, speaking about, and discussing scripture. Why did I give this up?

Oh yeah. Kids. That whole “stay at home mom” thing I wanted to do.

Well, the kids are older now and I’m re-exploring the passions that make me, me. Luckily I have a church pastor who doesn’t mind when other folks take over on a Sunday, so he’s allowing me to get my preaching fix once in a while.

But I’m ready for more.

If you have, or know of an event needing a speaker, I invite you to check out my new page, A Servant Speaks. I’ve listed the subjects I’ve spoken and/or written about and would love to interact with more community groups. 

Writing brings me joy, but connecting with folks in person fulfills me. Plus, it’s really difficult to express my true self IN ALL CAPS. When I see you face to face, I talk with my hands and may use a sarcastic voice a few times. 

Or most of the time. 

Contact me at natureofaservant (at) gmail (dot) com or comment below for more information. Whether your gathering is comprised of families, couples, women, or youth, serving in our local communities is a discussion topic applicable to everyone.

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