So There’s This Musical And I’m In It

Shocking title, huh? Yeah. I still can’t believe I auditioned for musical theater. Even more astonishing, I was actually cast in Shrek, The Musical. Yep. For realz. I will be portraying Tweedle Dee in the Fairy Tale Ensemble of Journey Theater Arts Group community theater production; a character who doesn’t smile and whose frown is accentuated with make-up.

So, you know, I’m basically playing myself.

From a previous post, you may remember my youngest daughter, Annika, talked her older sister and I into trying out for parts in Shrek. Ironically, Annika didn’t get cast but Emma and I did. The experience has been a life lesson for all three of us. 

Emma is learning to be gracious and considerate to her sister’s feelings while still remaining excited to be in the show.

Though disappointment resurfaces for Annika every time her sister and I are at rehearsal, she does not let it affect her joy for the kids who did make the cast. She wishes to attend every performance and says she will be the loudest cheerleader there. She even wants to know who is on crew so she can cheer for them during blackouts. 

Me? A blog post doesn’t have space for all I am learning. For as long as my kids have been involved with theater, I can’t believe how much I do not know. I feel like the proverbial deer staring into the blinding lights of a Mack Truck. 

Altos start on B!
Wow. I really should have learned to read music.

You’ll be on the apron of the stage.
The what of the what, now?

You should already know this song from the file sent to you!
Oh, yeah. I have that email somewhere…

Wear more deodorant!
Check. Got it.

Everyone is taking notes.
Why are they taking notes?!? 
Thank the Lord for random dance classes throughout life. At least I know how to do a “box step” and a “kick-ball-change”.
Me, Mother Goose, Wicked Witch, and Young Fiona
As thrilled as I am to be in the cast, I am missing my friends not in the show. Where Emma handles her conflicting feelings pretty well, I have “survivor’s guilt” when I think about those cut. I know it’s showbiz – it’s just a tough fact of life to swallow. 

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” My favorite quote from long ago FLOTUS Eleanor Roosevelt. I guess I have this covered for the next 2 months.

Come see Emma, me, and a ton of talented thespians in the Journey Theater Arts Group production of Shrek, The Musical this August. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…well, no. You’ll just laugh. A lot.

With Kristi – Director and Friend
Comment below and let me know when you’ll be there!

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