The Bucket Without Ice ALS Challenge

You’ve seen the Ice Bucket ALS challenge. I know you have. On the off chance I’m wrong, read this.

My teenage friend, Meagan, challenged me in her video last night. However, I’m a rebel. So I came up with this:

In the video at 0:40, I did say “ALS is a great organization.” That was me being dumb on camera. I should have said the ALS Association is a great organization. ALS is the disease, which is not great. 

Just wanted to clear that up.

If you’d like to do a great thing and donate money for ALS research without dumping a cold bucket of water on your head, visit this donation site. 

If you, like me, are passionate about making sure all on our planet have access to clean water, donate to Charity Water or any one of the numerous non-profits trying to accomplish this goal.

Today, take an opportunity to sacrifice and give to a charity who needs your help. Don’t wait until someone asks you to dump a bucket of ice water on your head.

Comment below and let me know where you decided to give.

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