All Saints

Candles on the graveyard
Photo Credit: Flickr 

While you are celebrating the ghosts and goblins and gore,
or the princesses, ninjas, and superheroes,
or the harvest, 
I’ll spend the Eve of All Saints Day remembering my loved ones who have passed from this earth. So many have left me before I started blogging. I haven’t honored them in written word, but I think about them constantly.
The following are posts from the past remembering my friends who have left too soon. I If I can just share a little about them with you, you’ll also know how special they are. 
I will pray this weekend for their families and for families all around me who are missing loved ones of their own.

*Many of you have asked about my aunt. My strong willed Tante is hanging on, God bless her. Each day is a little tougher, but I am so happy my cousins are there to shower love on her.


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