Tethered Hearts (and Other Organs)

I’ve mentioned approximately 327,983 times about the closeness of our daughters’ theater group. They really are a tight bunch. My friend, Christie, says the thespians share “tethered hearts”

A beautiful expression. Who knew she was so close to being literal? 

Here is a story of how these tethered hearts reach beyond our child actors:

Christie is Rachael’s mother. This is Rachael.

Rachael’s dad, Paul, is sick. He has Polycystic Kidney Disease, which means he needs a healthy kidney that is not his own in order to live.
Lots of people love Paul, so lots of people tried to give him a kidney. Unfortunately, no-one was a good match. People were praying all over the place for Paul’s healing.
This is Cambel, in the middle of my 2 offspring.
Heather is Cambel’s mom. Heather is one of the strongest women you will ever meet.* When Heather heard Paul was having a tough time trying to find a matching kidney, she said, You can have one of mine. It will match.
No one argues with Heather. Not even God. Heather’s kidney was a match.
Today, doctors will take one of Heather’s kidneys and put it into Paul’s body. They will both be out of commission for a while. It will not be easy, but Paul will live. 
Two kids are giving up mom support for a few weeks so 3 other kids can have a dad for a lifetime. This is more than tethered hearts. This is a new family.

Here’s your part of the story: Will you pray with the rest of Paul’s and Heather’s friends? Pray for swift healing and God’s guidance for two very special families. 
Your prayers are a gift to everyone who knows Paul and Heather. Trust me, they are a gift to all of us.
*Just so you know, Heather is strong, but she is human. I joke around a lot, but in reality I know this is a scary thing for everyone.


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