When Things Don’t Go As Planned

Yesterday, a friend told me how expectations for this weekend didn’t go as anticipated. Going through a stressful move, she shared how more unexpected responsibilities fell upon her. I hugged her and said, No way could I do all of this. 
She responded calmly, Well I’m doing what I have to and I might as well do it with a good attitude.
Who acts this way? Hint: Not me.
Right before I spoke to my stressed-out friend yesterday, I had my own circumstance go awry. Someone whom I depended on bailed at the last minute. Mind you, this situation was SO tiny compared to my friend’s stress, but it didn’t stop me from getting angry and venting to everyone I talked to in the following 5 minutes.
I don’t handle changes in plan with grace. Or tact. Or maturity. 
I have a lot to learn.
Most of you know my daughters are performing in a production of Robin Hood. During yesterday’s performance, things went wrong. Our lead forgot a line, the music cut out during a number, and the screen projecting the backdrop shut down. It might have been chaos.
Robin Hood improvised and he was hilarious. So much audience laughter.
The actors performed so well, the lack of backdrop really didn’t make a difference.
But the song! Right during a featured musical number, the track quit. The kids kept singing. And it. was. beautiful.
Harmonies shined with the melody when 37 young voices sang unfazed by the lack of accompaniment. The applause after this number was louder than any other. Without question, it was my favorite of the night.
Sometimes, life is richer when plans are disrupted. 
Complaining never gets me anywhere. I think I need to follow the advice of my friend with the good attitude and learn from the kids who sang without music.


  1. Haralee says

    It is easy to get mad when plans go down hill but it is great to accommodate the new change and embrace it. Easier said than done for sure!

  2. Cathy Chester says

    Sometimes we have to roll with the punches. If we're lucky, as we age we get some wisdom. We have to let something go – not easy!!!! But much healthier.

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