Impossible Prayers

My friend, Kim, and I chatted one day and I mentioned something about which I’d been praying…sort of. 

I’m kind of praying, I told her, but I know it will never really happen.

Put it on the “impossible prayer list”, she responded.

The what now?

The “impossible prayer list”. Prayers so out there you think God answering them is inconceivable.**

She went on to tell me about some of the prayers she’s been able to cross off her list. What a great tool to see God working in ways we may forget and what a perfect idea to make praying for the far-out-requests a habit. I needed an “impossible prayer list” of my own.

Ethiopia: Innocent Prayers of a Young Child
Photo: Steve Evans, Flickr Creative Commons

So I made one. I call it the “SIPs”…Seemingly Impossible Prayers. And I’ve got quite the list going.

And guess what? I’ve been able to delete 3 items off a list of requests I believed almost too much to pray for. One of these prayers was for a friend to find a match for a kidney transplant. If you’re a reader of this blog, you know this request was answered in a special way.

I’m not afraid anymore to ask God for the big things my little mind is convinced unobtainable. I’m ready to take notice of all He is in my world.

These are a few of the (non-personal) prayers on my list:

  • Racial peace in our nation
  • Our church to have sufficient enough funds to give a significant amount back to the community.
  • Peace in the Middle East
  • Control over unethical leadership in the world

Kind of far out, huh? But I will pray. And I will watch.

Do you pray for the seemingly impossible? 

**”I do not think that word means what you think it means.” 
Sorry. It had to be said.


  1. ccassara says

    I've come to see intercessory prayer as troublesome…while praying for the highest good makes more sense to me. Since we don't know the lessons the Divine has in mind, we have to trust that it is perfect andin that trust, pray for the highest good to results. That's where I neded up over the years.

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