The Dream I Didn’t Know I Had Will Come True

RCA Victor 8X71 AM-FM Radio
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Remember that radio gig I had the night before Thanksgiving? The interview I had with Rose City Forum on KKPZ 1330 AM? 

There’s more.

The host from the Portland Christian talk radio program moved away and I’ve been asked to fill in as guest host next week, December 15-19. I’m thrilled.

And just so you know, my radio experience consists of:
I’ve listened to the radio all of my life.

However, I do believe I am qualified because…

  • I love to talk.
  • I love God.
  • I love to talk about God.
  • I love to talk to other people about their relationship with God.
  • Also, I love to talk about pretty much everything in general.

Really, do I need to know anything else? I guess we’ll all find out together.

I am most totally, uberly, completely looking forward to the men and woman I get to introduce you to next week.

Monday, December 15 – Rick McKinley
Tuesday, December 16 – Cornelia Seigneur
Wednesday, December 17 – Ken Wytsma

Seriously. When else in life would I get to talk to these people for a good chunk of time and ask them anything I want to ask?

Thursday, December 18 – We’ll be talking about Christmas traditions
Friday, December 19 – We get to share the good news of the week with each other. I’m a little giddy thinking about it. If you have good news to share that evening, call or post on Facebook and Twitter with #KKPZ.

Being a radio talk show host is a dream come true. Although until last week, I didn’t even know it was a a possibility to dream it.

God is funny that way, huh?

So next week from 6:00-7:00 pm Pacific Standard Time, whether you are driving, cooking dinner, or just zoning on Facebook – tune into 1330AM to join in the conversation. Non-Portlanders and people without radios can log-in at and listen live. If you are totally busy that hour, visit iTunes later and subscribe to the Rose City Forum podcast. 

I can’t lie. I am a little nervous. I suppose whatever happens, as long as I do better than Chris Farley I’m ok, right? 

I meant what I said about joining the conversation. I will be posting ways to interact via Facebook, Twitter, and the good, old-fashioned telephone. I’m looking forward to experiencing this new venture with you.

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