The Good News This Week…December 13

Sharing the good news I found on the interwebs because I’m sick of the bad.

Sharing a Moment:

It’s not MY moment, but you need to see this. Our friend, Robyn, asked Sparkles, the Elf on a Shelf, to keep an eye on her son. Well, Sparkles gets into a LOT of trouble and really isn’t considerate at all. At first her son was okay with the elf’s antics, but this week, Sparkles went too far:

Sparkles better get her act together.

Sharing Stories:

A Dyslexic-friendly font – Huffington Post
One of those things that seems like such a great idea, you wonder why it’s taken until now to develop.

Andre Johnson plays Santa Claus – Good News Network
NFL players are usually in the news for something bad, but this is something really, really good.

Sony World Photography Awards
I love photographs from places I will probably never visit…or at least won’t in the near future. These are stunning.

A Meditation for Advent, by Becca Stevens
Because I’m trying to take it slow this season, I’m loving these online reminders.

She said “Yes”
This photo went crazy on my Facebook wall. I love learning the story behind it. Oregonians are so cool. I may be a tad biased.

Sharing a Song:

C’mon. If you’re a woman with kids, you’ve felt this way, yes?

Hope something here brought a smile to your face!

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