The Good News This Week…December 20

Sharing the good news because I’m sick of the bad.

Sharing a Moment: 

My week of guest hosting Rose City Forum on KKPZ 1330 is finished for now. What an amazing experience I never knew I’d have. The best part, hands down, was the chance to ask questions from people I admire greatly. If you missed any of the episodes, here are the links via iTunes podcast:
Sharing Stories:
…and also tears to anyone who reads about it.
Kids aren’t the ones with hang-ups.
Little Girl pretty much schools the ignorant, conceited, yet handsome Disney villain.
If you listened to the radio program Friday night, you heard a clip from this fabulous business idea. If you didn’t listen, read this.
Whether or not these volunteers were Christian, what an amazing testament to how Jesus taught us to live.
Sharing a Video Clip:
These events have been making me cry, so for Jon Stewart to confront angry news channels in ways that make me laugh, I am grateful. 

Hoping something here brought a smile to your face.

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