The Good News This Week…April 25

Sharing the good news because there is too much bad.

Sharing a Moment:
When my teens hack my phone, they know I may post to social media. I bet my eldest never guessed I’d put one of these photos on my blog. She’d be wrong.

Oh how I love both my drama queens. And because they are both so shy (sarcasm font), they both are cast in the next Journey Theater Arts Group production, Great American Tall Tales. Get tickets here.

Sharing Stories:

Photos with statues – Epic. Because of course you need photos with statues. Some of these are pretty clever.

Vintage Portland: I love my city. Here’s what you won’t see on Portlandia. 

Dusty the Kangaroo: Dog stories are heartwarming. But a kangaroo story? Over the top warm fuzzies.

Boosting Self Esteem – a project developed by 12 year olds: Everyone thinks I’m crazy for loving middle-schoolers. This is why I do.

Toddler Without Feet Gets Puppy Without Paw: Oh, man. This one. And how perfect is the name Lt. Dan for this dog?

Sharing a Podcast:

HomePlate Youth Services, the people so close to my heart, are celebrating their 10th Anniversary today. Here is their story, an explanation of who they help, AND plans to expand. I’m so excited to see how many more kids will be served!

HomePlate Youth – Rose City Forum

See? There is good news happening. You just have to look past the headlines.

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