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Edd and I spent some time away from the world recently. It was good to be away, to talk about nothing but us. We’ve come a long way since we first met in 1992. 

The most popular post on my blog explains how Edd and I met. He wasn’t a believer – not just in Jesus – but in anything. 

You may have read the post already. But if not, this is our story.

Well, the beginning of it, anyway. 


More than 20 years ago.
More than 20 pounds ago.

Edd and I met at work on a fall day in the early ‘90s. We chatted, flirted, and went to a few happy hours. By spring we were an official office romance. All went swimmingly until Holy Week. 

Edd invited me to see a movie on Good Friday. “Sure,” I told him, “right after church.”

“Forget it!”  His irritation confused me. “You go do your churchy thing and I’ll see you another time.”

Whoa. My new boyfriend definitely had a grudge against religion. Or God. Or something. This may be the deal breaker for our relationship.

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