This is my first “WordPress” blog post. ARGH!

I’ve never dealt well with change. It’s not that I don’t appreciate progress, I just have a difficult time adjusting.

Very difficult.

Original IBM PC CHM 8-8-14

Take 1986 for example: School reports were due at the same time my dad brought home our first home computer. The green boxy letters on the dark gray screen intimidated the heck out of me. No way was I writing a term paper on that thing! I’d stick with my electric typewriter, thank you very much. Scribbling research on yellow lined paper and then typing exactly what was written somehow seemed easier than learning a new skill.

Slowly I got the hang of our new machine and Word Perfect. I could <b> Bold  <b> and <i> italicize <i> pretty quickly after a few months of practice. Pressing the delete key took less time then white out.

Macintosh 512K/800 System Disk

Then 1990: Life on Word Perfect went along swimmingly, until my final assignment in Communicative Disorders class. We were not allowed to hand in paper. Instead ,we had to submit a little grey plastic disk compatible only on the new Macintoshes. I typed this last project on my IBM, printed it out on my dot matrix printer, tore the perforated ends off each sheet, and brought the printout to the computer lab.

I freaked. I’m not lying. Ask my best friend, Al.

Al knew how to use a Macintosh – one of those “user friendly” computers anyone could figure out. Anyone except me.

I had a nervous breakdown right there in the lab. I couldn’t breathe. There were tears. I couldn’t figure out howtomakethefontbiggerandunderlineandsetparagraphs and ALL THE THINGS.

I passed the class so I’m assuming I turned in the assignment, though I believe I blacked out for a good chunk of that week. It wasn’t pretty.

1996: I married an IT guy. I’m sure you can figure out this was not an accident.

2007: Edd, my tech-savvy spouse, convinces me to start a blog – a journal if you will – about our travels across the U.S.A. We decide to keep the blog private because we thought it was dangerous to have all of our personal information online. (Yeah – I’m LOLing about that, too) We pick Blogger because it’s free and why would I ever need to pay to journal? It takes me a bit to learn, but hey – we’re in an RV for a year. What else do I have to do?

Today. May. 2015: I’m a real-life blogger with a real-life radio host job. It’s time to update the website. BUT IT’S CHANGE AND I DON’T LIKE CHANGE.

In college, I read a sci-fi novel where people had little slots in their heads. “Chips” with all of the needed information was pre-programed, characters inserted these chips into the brain slot, and bam! All info downloaded to grey matter.

I want that, please.

Sigh. All of this post to say:

My website is changing. I’m figuring it out. If you can’t read a post, or comment, or do something you used to be able to do on my former blog – I ask for your patience. Maybe this old dog will learn some new tricks.

Nah. I doubt it.


  1. says

    Andee, I made the switch from Blogger last year. I’m very glad I did, but I feel your pain. My husband is less techie than I so I stumble along until I hit on the right thing. I am sometimes quite annoying to my friends. Right now I’m trying to put a follow me plug in in my side bar widget. How’s that for Word Press speak. I’m sure you’ll do great and love the results.
    Valerie Newman recently posted…Journaling Into ActionMy Profile

    • Andee says

      Valerie, I appreciate the encouragement. And, just so we’re clear, my husband can’t help me with the blog, but he can connect my printer and look into the secret language of my computer. 🙂

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